My 401k guide works as a step by step process to maximize your monthly investment towards future retirement.
How does it work?
Why the old way doesn’t work.
My 401K Guide is Different!
See how your 401k fits in an overall retirement plan.

401k Guide: How does it Work?

Evaluating Funds in the Overall Market

All funds are not created equal.  Most investors do not realize that at any given time there is a performance gap between the funds in their retirement plan.  Based on current market conditions there are funds we want to be in and those we want to avoid.  At some times, (most of 2008) we just want to take steps to avoid loss.  The key is having a systematic way of evaluating the fund choices and the overall market.  

Through the use of innovative technology, My 401(k) Guide tracks the overall market and the funds available in your employer retirement plan.  Funds are ranked against each other and all other funds.  Based on this ranking, a mix of funds that meets your tolerance for risk is recommended.   

When conditions in the market (think 2008) and in your mix of funds require it, a new fund mix is recommended. Under normal conditions these changes are rather infrequent and average about 2-3 total changes per year over the last decade.  

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